The Boarder: Select Theatre Release

An announcement from Executive Producer Jane E. Ryan: 

We are thrilled to announce the immediate launching of :

The Boarder’s “On Its Way!” Tour

The goal of this unique tour is to offer showings of THE BOARDER in neighborhood theaters near you & all across America! 

Wherever YOU request a showing of this exciting, Internationally recognized film, there we’ll be!  No straight paths here, The Boarder’s “On Its Way” Tour will zigzag it’s way around the United States & go where we’re invited to entertain and amaze audiences.

The 1st showing will be in Knoxville, TN, April 27th, at Pellissippi State C.C. For details/tickets, go to: 

Imagine this!...YOU, your friends and family will help determine the path THE BOARDER takes across our country! 

So, if you would like THE BOARDER to play in theaters in your city or area in the U.S.,

Request it here & Now!: TUGG, Inc. :